Course Curriculum

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    1. Making Waves with Sam + Sea Artistry

    1. Welcome to Sam + Sea Artistry

    1. What You Need To Create Beautiful Waves

    2. Materials + Supplies List

    1. Coverage and Protection

    2. Setting Yourself Up For Success

    3. Organizing Your Space (Text Breakdown)

    1. Preparing The Perfect Combo

    2. It's All In The Mix

    3. A Breakdown Of The Blending Process

    1. Pouring A Coastal Serve Board: Layer 1

    2. Pouring A Coastal Serve Board: Layer 2

    3. Pouring A Coastal Serve Board (Text Breakdown)

    4. Using Your Butane Torch

    5. Using Your Butane Torch (Text Breakdown)

    6. Exothermic Reactions: Overheating Resin & Why It Happens

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  • What skill level is this course meant for?

    This course is broken down and designed for beginner and emerging level artists. It is presented as both video and text curriculum to assist you in exploring these processes however you learn best.

  • Do you offer payment plans for the course?

    With flexible payment options, this masterclass can fit into virtually any budget! Simply choose whether you want to pay today or if you'd rather break the payments down into installments. All of these options are available at checkout!

  • If I have to take a break, can I revisit the lesson I left off on?

    Absolutely! This course is designed to fit into your lifestyle so you will have the flexibility to come and go whenever the opportunities present themselves.

  • If I change my mind, can I get a refund for this course?

    This entire course has been developed from my personal extensive research and experimentation. Once you have access to the materials and videos, your access is unlimited. Therefore, content and enrollment will not be eligible for refund.

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